Real estate marketing in times of crisis

April 16-17 Holiday Inn Moscovskie Vorota in St. Petersburg hosted the conference Marketing in real estate. The conference was attended by more than 100 heads of marketing departments, PR and sales managers working in real estate sector.
The conference was organized by PROEstate Events, supported by the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers and Academy of Real Estate (ARE). Official partner of the conference: Kelnik Interactive Agency. Partner: BCA Marketing.
Experts shared their ideas about marketing strategies for real estate market in 2015.
According to Olga Ulianova, Marketing Director of UNISTO Petrostal, marketing strategy is changing, responding to the change of clients. Ms. Ulianova observes that the majority of people buying apartments are under 30 years; they are active and ready to risk. And marketing strategy should reflect relevant clients’ needs.
Nadezhda Pukshanskaya, marketing manager of SRV Russia, underlines that there is a difference between marketing strategies for b2b and b2c. In the first case, it is important to make market analysis, define target audience, develop the project concept, prepare the project for commissioning and further operation. As for b2c case, marketing strategy should be focused on promotion of the project unique features, attraction of clients and revenue increase.
Olga Semenova Tyan-Shanskaya, Marketing Director of Lemminkainen Rus, is sure that sales growth depends directly on efficient marketing. Marketing budget should be distributed wisely, and not reduced.
The same day the conference participants could visit 2 workshops.
The first one was on efficient use of media budget in times of crisis, it was organized by BCA Marketing.
The second one was on marketing in commercial real estate. Vitaliy Lvov, General Director of Promotion Realty, shared his experience in attracting successful tenants to shopping malls.
The second day of the conference was dedicated to internet marketing. According to Andrey Dobryi, Head of portal, advertisement focuses mainly on discounts, special offers for clients. By the end of the year the number of web-advertisement will even grow. The expert also believes that advertising in social nets is an efficient instrument for promotion of real estate projects.
Kelnik Interactive Agency held a workshop on instruments of internet marketing and web analytics. In Oleg Kelnik’s opinion, General Director of Kelnik Interactive Agency, internet is the most efficient sales instrument at the moment.