Partners for the business tour «Historical Vienna: Smart flight to the Future»




„FOISSY International Business Multiplier“ is an award-winning company and active in the fields of real estate congresses and fairs and real estate business tours. GREET Vienna is the most popular brand of FOISSY whereas GREET stands for „Global Real Estate and Economy Talks“. It is an international platform for all players of the real estate industry with a special focus on real estate investments and developments in Central, East and South-East Europe.
For some time now FOISSY offers business development services for international companies entering the German-speaking markets. FOISSY customizes marketing measures to fit the country-specific conditions with a focus on special intercultural features, identifies cooperation partners and recruits customers. FOISSY is still used to match decision makers from the various fields of commercial real estate on an international level, but has expanded to other industries as well.”