Business tour: SMART CITY – concept of ideal city

PROEstate Events in partnership with Academy of Real Estate, supported by the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers are announcing the business tour to the city-state and the island country Singapore – SMART CITY – concept of ideal city.

Singapore was lauded for its rapid transformation since independence into the world’s leading smart city and was held up as an example which other cities can learn from.

Singapore was ranked as the top performer in a global smart city ranking.

The Committee of The Global Smart City Performance Index investigated four areas – mobility, health, safety and productivity – to examine the benefits of smart city initiatives for residents in 20 cities. Specifically, they measured, how technology saved time for people and improved their quality of life.

Singapore topped the index in all four areas, ahead of other major cities like San Francisco, Seoul, London and New York.

Many smart ideas – one Smart Nation

“Smart Nation” initiative is Singapore’s vision to be an economically competitive global city and enjoyable to live in. It is a whole nation movement of mastering digital and smart technologies to build a future Singapore, to improve living and empower citizens to achieve their aspirations through good jobs and opportunities and encourage businesses to innovate and grow.

Our tailor-made business tour is developed for the city government, municipal administration and urban planning specialists, who are inspired by the idea of creating smart city out of the native town and are interested in IT-modelling techniques in urban development.

You will

  • get up-to-date data straight from the Ministry of Nation Development of Singapore
  • have meetings and share experience with the Strategic Planning Department and the Infrastructure Planning Department of the Ministry of Nation Development of Singapore   
  • get information about the national projects’ approving system;
  • discover Internet portal for Singapore state services;
  • get to know Singapore smart connected traffic solutions;
  • meet public facilities service providers.

Annually PROEstate Events organizes international business tours to leading real estate development markets. The goal of such tours is to stimulate exchange and help establish useful business contacts between Russian and foreign property market professionals. Previously organized business tours include: UK (London, June 2006), USA (Tampa, New York, 2006; Chicago, October 2008), Canada (Toronto, October 2008), China (Hong-Kong, Macao, Shanghai, 2006), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, 2007), Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, 2007 and 2016), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, 2007), UK (London, June 2008), Canada-USA (Toronto, Chicago, October 2008), Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, June 2009), UK (London, December 2009, November 2017), Belgium and Netherlands (June 2010), Germany (Munich, October 2011, Berlin 2013), USA (New York – Miami, November 2011), China (Shanghai – Hong Kong, November 2012),  and others.

PROEstate Events brings delegations to international real estate fairs and exhibitions. Each year we bring the leading Russian professionals and authorities to the largest international events on real estate such as:

  • Expo Real (Munich, Germany)
  • MIPIM (Cannes, France)
  • MIPIM Asia (Hong-Kong)
  • EIRE (Milan, Italy)
  • Real Vienna (Vienna, Austria)


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