Leading experts discussed advantages of BIM-technologies at the annual capacity building conference: “Construction management”.

Building information modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a construction project on all stages of its lifecycle – from project planning to operation and demolition.

Marina Korol, MAAM Professor, General Director of Concurator, Executive director of Non-commercial Partnership Intellectual construction, believes that BIM is an advanced technology, which has already proved its relevance and importance on the state level.

According to Sergey Volkov, Managing Partner of Smart Innovative Building Solutions, Building information modeling is a new integrated visual approach to information analysis and management. The technology is most relevant in the times of crisis when the business is trying to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Raymond Fadel, Regional Director of AECOM, confirmed that BIM-technologies help to save time and money, enable to foresee possible risks.
Konstantin Zakharov, Manager for Business Development at Autodesk, assures that by means of applying BIM-technologies it is possible to cut project costs by 10-30% at the stage of construction. Moreover, building information modeling helps to reduce time for project documentation preparation by 5 months and time for design – in 2 times.