The Christmas summit in St. Petersburg will host the First Charity Fund lottery

December 18 participants of the Christmas summit in St. Petersburg will not only discuss problems of the real estate market but also will be able to win different prizes by participating in the First Charity Fund lottery.

The raised funds will be used for sports and play grounds, including the play grounds for children with limited abilities. The play grounds will be built near hospitals, rehabilitation centers, parks and other public recreation areas of St. Petersburg.
The lottery prizes include:
  • Fitness center «Sport Palace» certificate;
  • A bottle of fine wine and certificate for dinner at Palkin restaurant;
  • Gift basket from the shop Untsiya;
  • 2 tickets for a play from Art-Piter;
  • Certificate from Madam Grand beauty parlor
  • Gift basket from the restaurant “Schastie”
  • Greek bath organic cosmetics “Fresh Line “
The first charity fund was established in 2011. One of its’ main priorities is extensive support and help to orphaned children, children with limited abilities and non-custodial parents.