St. Petersburg Stand Opening at MIPIM 2015

March 10, 2015 participants of MIPIM-2015 were invited to the Ceremony of St. Petersburg Stand Opening. At the ceremony Igor Albin, St. Petersburg Vice-Governor, highlighted the fact that participation in the most popular professional exhibition in the world is important for further city development. He mentioned that St. Petersburg, famous for its’ beautiful architecture, is also known for being industrially developed. The city serves as a link between Europe and Russia. That is why the city and the country in general are interested in attracting direct investment in St. Petersburg.
Beatrice Gravier, Commercial Director of Reed Midem, participated in the Ceremony of St. Petersburg Stand Opening. It was not her first time to open St. Petersburg stand, but she mentioned that this year is particular. For several days she had been bombarded with questions regarding the RF participation in MIPIM. Her answer was: “If you want to invest in Russia, St. Petersburg offers plenty of interesting projects for investment. It is a city with renewed infrastructure”.
Stand and Conference program of St. Petersburg Committee for Investment at MIPIM was prepared by the educational center – ARE (Academy of Real Estate).