St. Petersburg industrial and development companies discussed development of industrial plants

June 10: Palkin restaurant hosted PRO INDUSTRY forum. St. Petersburg authorities, the leading industrial and development companies attended the event. The participants discussed development of St. Petersburg industrial plants in the new economic environment.

PRO INDUSTRY forum was organized by PROEstate Events, supported by the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers and Academy of Real Estate (ARE).

Expert for industrial parks – YIT St. Petersburg

Official partner of conference program – “Stroitelnyi ezhenedelnik. Leningrad oblast”

Moderator: Dariya Litvinova, Editor-in-chief of “Stroitelnyi ezhenedelnik. Leningrad oblast”

“St. Petersburg shows stable industrial development, the rate of industrial production is growing. The city government is planning to support the most ambitious industrial companies, which contribute to St. Petersburg economic development”, illumined Elena Ulianova, Chairman of Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning.

Tatiana Loginova, Advisor to Chairman at North-West bank of Sberbank, gave an example of government support to industrial projects. Ms. Loginova told about the program of bank lending for industrial park projects, supported by the government. The program is not yet popular with developers and industrial companies, who prefer individual projects to integrated ones.

Sergey Tsybukov, General Director of Business polymeric park on platform of “Processing of plastic named “Komsomolskaya pravda”, in his turn, mentioned that developed infrastructure is not enough for industrial park project, it has to become a point of attraction for potential residents.

Vladimir Vishnevsky, Managing Partner of VTB Capital Investment Management, highlighted the importance of finding alternative means of investment. “It is not productive to simply wait till the loan interest rate falls. Our company solution is to attract co-investors. It turns out to be more expensive than bank loans, but it represents a move forward. Other ways include bond market and private equity funds.”

One of the key themes of PRO INDUSTRY forum was feasibility of industrial factories relocation to the out-of-town territories. Boris Holmyanskiy, Owner of “Znamya truda”, shared experience of his factory relocation. Mr. Holmyanskiy recommended other industrial companies to follow this tendency in order to contribute to the industrial market development.

Maksim Sobolev, Director for Commercial Property of YIT St. Petersburg, expressed doubt concerning relocation of all industrial sector out of St. Petersburg. According to Mr. Sobolev, the current city problems can be solved by building new roads, developing transport infrastructure.