Practical conference “Real estate marketing”


PROEstate Events and NPO “Russian guild of property managers and developers”

invite to annual practical conference “Real estate marketing”

Date and time: May 22, 2014, 10:00 – 17:00
Place: St. Petersburg, hotel “Courtyard Marriott Pushkin”, 33, Kanonerskaya street


Anna Mironova, general director of “Kreativny Klass”; Elena Malezhenkova, director of marketing and PR department of a developer company “Himki Group”; Petr Evdoseev, managing partner of BritesideMarketing Management, Setl City representative; Andrey Kotelnikov, head of marketing research  department TNS Russia, BCA Marketing representative; representative-member of CK Scavery; representative-member of Coruna Branding; Ekaterina Timofeeva, SRV marketing director; Yulia Kozlova, Touch Instinct marketing director; Anna Shvidunova, “City-XXI” PR director; Grigory Hrabrov, Brandson branding strategist; Elena Arkadieva, Brandson project manager; Aleksey Ezhikov, business consultant of Internet-marketing.


Themes for discussion:

1. Creativity in branding
2. Material and non-material methods of customers’ loyalty
3. Search of tenders and contractors
4. Marketing efficiency: what criteria should define it?
5. Creating a “web-site of the future”.
6. Cooperation with branding agencies while creating a brand.
7. Efficient SMM strategies.
8. Mobile applications services: efficiency estimation.

Training programs:

1. Branding training (organized by branding agency Brandson):

• Review of the key world real estate branding trends
• Branding strategies analysis of main developers of Russia and St. Petersburg. Case-study: projects for companies “St. P. Renovaciya”, “Arsenal Nedvizhimost” and “LSR Nedvizhimost”
• Work techniques applied to different target groups. Psychological portrait of a modern real estate buyer.
• Influence of geographical marketing on real estate branding tendencies. Situation when brand of a developer or residential complex becomes the leading factor of the customer’s choice (В2С) or desire to cooperate (B2B).
• Work-shop: “Searching an ideal insight: how to achieve brand awareness selling square meters ”

2.  Digital technologies and internet marketing training “Residential complex promotion strategy” (organized by Aleksey Ezhikov, business consultant of Internet-marketing, leader of SPECIA (community of digital agencies of St. Petersburg).

• Push and pull strategy
• Creating and developing a web-site
• Website optimization
• Search engine advertising
• Management of on-line reputation

3. Creation of efficient presentations training

*subject to updates