Omsk administration turns investor friendly

A traditional Christmas Summit took place in Omsk. The Summit was organized by PROEstate Events and the Guild of Property Managers and Developers. OMEKS Group was co-organizer of the event. Rostelecom is general partner of Christmas Summits. The Summit was widely supported by Administration of City of Omsk, Government of Omsk region, Omsk Union of Realtors, Omsk regional Union of Entrepreneurs.

Participants of the Summit declared that, despite the popular opinion that doing business in Russia is rather risky, a lot of investors working here note positive factors. Among such factors are: rapidly developing end market, availability of raw materials, qualified and cheap (in comparison to Europe) labor force. Disadvantages are burocratic obstacles, corruption, non-transparency of deals, primitive legislation.
According to Omsk authorities, development of affordable housing is one of the main regional priorities. It is planned that the housing shall not cost more than 30 000 RUR per square meter. At the moment investors are interested mostly in buying the land for residential development projects. Government designated special sites for such projects, and is eager to assist investors.
At the Summit is was decided to write a resolution and send it to the city administration, regional authorities and corresponding non-commercial organizations.