Dynamic marketing 2015: “From development to management”

November 27-28, 2014 “Academy of Real Estate” (ARE) will hold an annual conference Marketing in Real Estate: Dynamic marketing 2015: “From development to management”. Workshop partners: PROESTATE, “The Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers”.
Conference program will consist of two parts: discussion and workshop.
November 27
Discussion: Marketing instruments
• Marketing in the situation of unstable market – from 2008 to 2014.
• Internet marketing: who wins in the net
• Residential real estate: marketing support from idea to sale
• Retail: turn to real competition
November 28
1. Branding: what is it and how it works? Experience of consumer goods branding. Things to be learned for real estate marketing specialists
2. Principles of branding cases development and management
3. Work with contractors. How to choose a PR and marketing agency etc?  How to prepare technical specifications?
4. Extra income of a business center
5. Marketing of logistic centers in the period of crisis
6. Promotion in FB: peculiarities of company and project promotion. How to estimate efficiency?
7. What is the cost of a lost client?
8. Video-marketing in real estate: how to apply?
9. Participation in international exhibitions: how to make it efficient?
10. Event organization: ways to impress
11. Mobile application: do they buy customers’ loyalty?
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